The long awaited renovation of the Konistra park in Athens is completed


The city of Athens, led by mayor Kostas Bakoyannis, has recently completed the renovation of the historic Konistra park and its sports facilities in the area of Petralona.

Konistra Petralona is a place with a long history. For many decades, it served as a place of entertainment and sports for the children of Petralona and the wider area.  

After a decade of being closed, the historical park of Konistra in Petralona has now been renovated into a functional space with an aesthetic upgrade of the two basketball courts and the tennis court located inside the park.  

This project was done through the pioneering program “Adopt your city”, and the park project is also part of the city’s ongoing program to fully modernize the majority of Athens’ sports facilities.

Through the “Adopt your city” program, the city of Athens managed to redevelop Konistra. This historical park has been created in 1923 by the National Council of Greek Women, and since then it has been connected with the neighborhood’s history and with its residents.

The first step for the project included the operational and aesthetic upgrade and renovation of the basketball and tennis courts. 

“We plan to deliver to the city and its residents – fully upgraded – 80% of the city’s sports facilities by the end of our term”, said mayor of Athens Kostas Bakoyannis. (photo credit: GTP)