Rally of Gods is coming back on September 9 in Athens

Athens is continuing with promoting the city through different events and now they are also ready to bring back the so called Rally of Gods, Acropolis Rally, a member of the WRC that left the championship in 2013. It was first held in 1951 and has appeared in the WRC 38 times.

Mayor of Athens Kostas Bakoyannis said: “It will start – and I hope the Central Archaeological Council agrees – at the Acropolis, at Dionysiou Areopagitou [Street] and we will also, for the first time, have part of the race in the city center, around Syntagma Square,” Bakoyannis told Skai TV. With viewers tuning in from more than 100 countries, it will be “tremendous publicity for Athens”.

Jona Siebel, managing director of WRC Promoter, said: “The Acropolis holds an illustrious chapter in WRC history and we appreciate the Greek government’s huge commitment in restoring it to world rallying’s top table. Its heritage will be recalled by all, but at the same time this is a modern-era Acropolis that sits comfortably alongside our other 11 rounds. That doesn’t mean its challenge is diminished and we can be sure the tough mountain roads will bring the sternest of contests”.

The event will be taking place on September 9-12, 2021.