Mayor of Athens presented the renovation project of Panathinaikos football stadium


Mayor of Athens Kostas Bakoyannis recently presented the plans for the renovation of Panathinaikos football stadium. 

Works on the Panathinaikos football stadium will completely transform the western Athens neighborhood of Votanikos.

The stadium will upgrade urban infrastructure and this highly-anticipated project will be carried out by the Municipality of Athens through mixed national, EU and private fundings.

This long-awaited project of renovation is budgeted at 115,000,000 euro and will include 1,300 VIP seats, 325 underground parking spaces and seven shops.

Public use works are set to cost 55.909.048 euros.

 This project also includes the creation of parks and green spaces. Facilities that will house Panathinaikos amateur team are budgeted at 12 million euros. This includes a central sports facility area, an outdoor swimming pool, the 200-seat multiplex gym, amphitheater and event area, 125 parking spaces, team offices, boutiques, cafes, and a restaurant. 

Urban infrastructure works, budgeted at 40,840,495 euro, include the construction of new roads, the extension of existing streets, the creation of sidewalks, landscaping, water, sewage, and lighting works, anti-flooding works, and the creation of a bike route which will further make the quality of life better in the area. 

This urban regeneration project will also contribute to to City of Athens’ and the national economy. The city has set the year 2026 as the deadline for the completion of all the projects. 

This project will transform the Votanikos area, and will improve the quality of life for the citizens thanks to the new recreational space for sports and other activities. (photo credit: GTP)