In Paris, drivers of gas-powered motorcycles will soon have to pay for parking


Beginning in September, owners of gasoline-powered motorcycles in the French capital Paris will have to pay for parking, Reuters reported.

The new fee was supposed to go into effect in January this year and fulfill a campaign pledge made by the Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo, but it was postponed since Hidalgo decided to run for president of France in the spring.

According to a city hall representative, the French capital wants to limit noise and pollution, though the parking for electric motorcycles will remain free. David Belliard, Paris mobility chief, also stated on Franceinfo radio that the city wants to better control how people utilize public spaces.

Belliard stated: ‘’”There is a lot of anarchy when it comes to parking. And we also need to reduce the disturbing noise levels as well as pollution.’’

While he did not provide specifics regarding the new parking fees, he did state that motorcycle riders will pay less than car drivers. According to Belliard, those who can only commute to work on a combustion-engine motorcycle would be able to purchase subscriptions for underground parking lots.

In an effort to encourage Parisians to use more ecologically friendly means of transportation, Mayor Hidalgo has in recent years created a network of new bike lanes and raised parking prices for cars.

Despite previously not having a reputation of a bicycle-friendly city, recent developments have made it much easier for both Paris locals and visitors to rely on this environmentally-friendly mode of transportation.

Polluted air, excessive noise, and congested traffic are just a few signs of the environmental stress that is being felt in many European cities, which is why they need to play an active role in encouraging green and ecologically friendly practices in order to boost the quality of life of their citizens. (photo credit: wikipedia)