Paris to become 100% cycling city by 2026

Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo is working hard on fulfilling the 2021-2026 cycling plan: the city is going to increase the number of protected cycleways in the city as well as boost bicycle parking spaces. In that way, the cycling ecosystem will become stronger and more reliable than now. The goal is to become 100% cyclable city in five years.

After the first part of the plan which lasted from 2015 to 2020, the city invested 150 million euros for cycling infraastructure development and maintenance while the new plan continues with the construction of the cycling city initiated 20 years ago with the budget of more than 250 million euros in investments.

Cycle parking in the city will be significantly increased and secured: in 2020, 6,631 bicycle theft complaints were identified and this is a 7% increase compared to 2019.

81% of people who do not want to use a bicycle cite fear of theft as the first reason for giving up. The availability of parking, in particular secure parking, is therefore one of the determining factors for using a bicycle as a means of transport.

Nowadays, Paris has more than 1,000 km of cycling facilities, including more than 300 km of tracks and 52 km of provisional tracks built after the first confinement.


Photo credit: Andrea Maschio/Unsplash