Paris offering fresh grants and individual aid for energy efficiency projects


Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo decided to speed up implementation of energy efficiency projects as part of broader environmental efforts.

The program is aimed at encouraging residents to improve energy efficiency of their homes, providing financial aid and personalised support in all project stages.

Apartment buildings account for roughly 75% of housing in Paris, with the lion’s share built before the adoption of first energy efficiency regulations.

Paris reminded that 35,000 housing units were renovated under the program launched in 2016 and added that the latest iteration of the program is worth more than previous ones.

City authorities are offering aid of EUR 5,000 for architectural and energy assessment per building as well as subsidies for construction work. Projects that improve energy efficiency more will receive more funding, with Paris authorities pointing out that subsidies can reach up to 35% of project costs excluding taxes.

The money is provided in the form of grants for projects aimed at improving waste management and summer comfort, increasing use of renewable energy and bio-based materials and achieve high energy performance targets.

City authorities also provide individual aid to low-income homeowners as well as advisors to help with implementation of projects.

For projects approved by the National Housing Agency (ANAH), homeowners with low income will receive aid from the ANAH and the City of Paris, with the city paying up to 75% of subsidised work excluding tax.

(Photo credit: Alexander Kagan / Unsplash)