Athens launches a new tourism marketing campaign


The Municipality of Athens has launched a new campaign to promote the Greek capital around the world through a series of videos.

Mayor of Athens Kostas Bakoyannis stated on social media: ‘’The new campaign to promote Athens to the world, through a series of videos, has been launched. The Municipality of Athens and Discover Greece have designed and created a campaign aimed at promoting the capital abroad.’’

The video that Mayor Bakoyannis shared on social media showed some of the most popular street foods that can be enjoyed in the Greek capital. While Greece is well renowned for its rich history and beautiful islands, Greek cuisine has recently also gained enormous popularity.

‘’Watch the first video which promotes street food in the city and create your own map of enjoyment,’’ Mayor Bakoyannis stated.

Although the peak travel season is from April to October, Athens has a very diverse touristic offer and is considered a fascinating all-year-round destination. Greece’s capital and largest city is renowned for its rich history and archaeological ruins and offers countless attractions to keep the visitors occupied for days.

The city that is considered the cradle of democracy has a very special and unique vibe that attracts millions of tourists every year. In addition, there is a gastronomic revolution taking place in the city, and some of the tastiest and most iconic Greek dishes can be enjoyed on the streets of Athens.

‘’Because Athens is full of surprises. In every part of it, you can discover a hidden culinary treasure. In every corner is a different experience that will make you want to return,’’ Mayor Bakoyannis stated. (photo credit: Despina Galani/Unsplash)