Athens is helping out people affected by the snowstorm


Mayor of Athens Kostas Bakoyannis wants to help the citizens during the cold weather and heavy snow by compensating vehicle owners.

Because of the heavy snowfall and snowstorms in the city, there was a lot of damage caused by fallen trees. Many cars have been damaged by the trees that fell. Because of this, the mayor of Athens, Kostas Bakoyannis, ordered the municipal agencies responsible to deal with the relevant compensation requests as a priority. 

The municipality of Athens announced on Thursday that they will be responsible for the damage that happened only to the vehicles that were parked either in public spaces or on a road.

This is the second consecutive year that the city of Athens is facing snowstorms that caused damage to the city. 

As much as 50cm of snow fell in only 12 hours in some parts of the capital. Indicative of the storm intensity, tornadoes were reported off islands and coastal areas, with almost all of Athens, from the Acropolis in the ancient city center to seaside suburbs in the south-east, are all covered in snow.

The snowstorm caused many problems in the city and an estimated number of  4,000 drivers were left stranded in cars for hours in sub-zero temperatures as the storm pounded Athens. On Wednesday, many cars were left abandoned by owners who remained stuck on the ring road while power cuts in the wider Athens region affected thousands of households for the third day.

The Greek premier wants to help the citizens who were struggling because of this bad weather by compensating in the form of payments of €2,000 that would be given to motorists who had endured the ordeal. 

€1,000 o handouts will also be distributed to passengers who had similarly been stuck at a train station north of Athens. (photo credit: REUTERS)