After nearly a century, trees and greenery return to Warsaw’s Three Crosses Square


Warsaw agreed with the Masovian Provincial Conservator of Monuments to make the Three Crosses Square greener. Under Mayor of Warsaw Rafał Trzaskowski, the city will plant trees in the north and east parts of the square as well as add low greenery as part of the project aimed at making the square greener, safer and more functional.

Deputy Mayor Tomasz Bratek pointed out that greenery will return to this part of Warsaw after nearly 100 years, stressing that 28 new trees will be planted along with hedges and lawns. He added that the project seeks to undo the de-greening of the square that took place over the last century or so.

The city will also renovate roads and pavements, adding new signalling and laying down a new road surface to improve safety and mobility. In addition, authorities are planning to build infrastructure for cycling as part of the renovation.

Warsaw will cover the lion’s share of historic road surfaces and tram tracks with asphalt, but is thinking about leaving some parts exposed. Municipal Roads Authority head Łukasz Puchalski pointed out that the move depends on technical conditions at specific locations, adding that authorities are considering two such places.

Bratek stressed the importance of preparing the project well and announced plans to launch workshops later in 2022 to develop concepts. He concluded that financing for planned conservation or renovation of historic surfaces has to be prepared in timely manner.

(Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)