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Mayor: Erik Pelling

Erik Pelling


Erik Pelling has been the chairman of the municipal board in Uppsala since 2018, which in Sweden is equivalent to mayor’s position. Pelling was born in Visby, Gotland, but has lived in Uppsala his entire life.  He holds an agronomy degree from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), where he studied with an economic focus from 2001 to 2007 and later joined the Ministry of Agriculture as a political expert. As the current leader of Uppsala, mayor Pelling is dedicated to sustainable development. However, in an interview with Eurocities, he stated that the social dimension of sustainable development is often overlooked. That is why this ambitious leader is equally determined to tackle these issues as well. For instance, fighting poverty and providing sustainable mobility options are also in the focus of mayor Pelling. He finds that building better mobility options is a way to combat poverty, as it can draw investments but also provide more people with work opportunities everywhere in the city. The work of mayor Pelling is a true example that sustainable urban development benefits all residents of cities in the long run. Inclusion is also another very important topic for mayor Pelling, as he believes that the city must make sure that none is left behind. Providing equal opportunities and making sure that everyone’s voice is heard and well respected remains crucial in order for societies to be able to properly tackle all future challenges together. The amazing efforts of Uppsala in the field of climate protection were recognized in 2018 when the city was named global winner of WWF's 2018 One Planet City Challenge. In this competition, cities’ climate goals are examined, and it is assessed whether they align with the goals set forth in the Paris Agreement. According to mayor Pelling, this has been possible due to the fact that in Uppsala, the entire community works together toward the ambitious targets set by the municipality.  Uppsala aims to be carbon-neutral and renewable by 2030, and climate-positive by 2050. Because of Mayor Pelling's excellent work, this Swedish city has a real chance to meet these targets and set a very high standard for other European cities in terms of climate protection and sustainable development. (photo credit: Uppsala official website) 


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Uppsala is the capital of Uppsala County and the fourth-largest city in Sweden, after Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö. It had 168,096 inhabitants in 2017.

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