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City: 42.16 km2


City: 104,232

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58x xx

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+46 13


Mayor: Lars Vikinge

Lars Vikinge


Lars Vikinge is the current mayor of the Swedish city of Linköping. With some 160,000 residents, Linköping is the fifth-largest city in Sweden and one of the country’s major academic centres. Vikinge is currently leading Linköping on its very important journey to climate neutrality. With numerous projects and initiatives, this Swedish city keeps getting closer to fulfilling its climate objectives and becoming a much better and more sustainable place to live. The Municipal Council established a long-term climate goal in 2011 to make Linköping a carbon-neutral community by 2025. According to Urban Sustainability Exchange, Linköping has set a lofty goal of becoming a carbon-neutral city by 2025. The city council's journey to that goal began with broad-based collaboration and partnership with residents, employers, universities, other cities, and national and international networks. Linköping became home to numerous initiatives and organisations that are determined to ensure a brighter future for all the residents. Among them is also Linköping Science Park. Since 2018, it has collaborated with other innovation environments on behalf of the Swedish Energy Agency to increase the commercialization of energy innovations and assist them in reaching the market. Another organisation that is certainly worth a mention is the Linköping Initiative which aims to not only meet the municipality's goal of becoming carbon-neutral by 2025, but also to reduce the global climate impact overall. The network consists of large businesses and other organisations which agreed that combating climate change is not an easy task and can be done better with their combined efforts. The network began in 2018, and the number of members more than doubled when a new agreement for the next two years was signed in early 2020, according to the Union of the Baltic Cities Sustainable Cities Commission. Next to his excellent work with a strong emphasis on climate and sustainability, Vikinge is actively working towards improving better living conditions in Linköping. This Swedish city is also a participant in the Eurocities Future Mentors program. In this reverse mentorship program, a small group of young people is given a chance to discuss challenges, ideas, and visions for their city's future with local decision-makers. In the spring of 2022, selected candidates will have the opportunity to meet Vikinge and together work on tackling some of the most important challenges ahead of us. (photo credit: Linkoping official website)


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Linköping is a city in southern Sweden, with 158,841 inhabitants as of 2018. It is the seat of Linköping Municipality and the capital of Östergötland County.