Warsaw is fulfilling their LGBT+ Declaration signed by mayor Trzaskowski

City of Warsaw is opening an intervention hostel for LGBT+ people who have become homeless.

The establishment of this facility will fulfil one of the provisions of the so-called “Warsaw LGBT+ Declaration” which was signed in 2019 by mayor of Warsaw Rafał Trzaskowski. The document envisages a fast-track aid mechanism for LGBT+ and anti-discrimination education. It also covers such areas as: safety, education, culture and sport, administration and work.

Deputy mayor of Warsaw Aldona Machnowska-Góra said through social media: “The Capital City of Warsaw is a place open to everyone. We want everyone to have equal rights and opportunities, feel good and, above all, to be safe. The facility will provide not only safe shelter for LGBT+ people who have lost their homes, but also the necessary psychological, legal and social support to enable them to stand on their own two feet”.

The new hostel will be run by the Lambda Warsaw Association, an organisation which for over 20 years has been supporting LGBT community. They stated: “We have sheltered dozens of people who found themselves in a difficult life situations. We are happy that we will be able to help again in this way, because we know how much such a place is needed in Warsaw and how many people are waiting for it”. Photo Rudy and Peter Skitterians for Pixabay