Mayor Appendino opened a new metro extension in Turin

Mayor of Turin, Chiara Appendino, officially opened the southern extension of Torino’s VAL automated rubber-tyred metro from Lingotto to Bengasi.

Construction of the 1,9 km extension has been undertaken through an integrated design and build contract, at a total cost of €193,000,000. The extension is expected to increase metro ridership by around 6 million passengers/year.

Mainly running under the Via Nizza, the extension includes one intermediate station at Italia 61, which serves the headquarters of Piemonte Region, east of the FS Lingotto station. The terminus under the Piazza Bengasi incorporates an underground car park and an interchange to local bus services.

New reversing tracks beyond the station will allow trains to use both platforms, whereas at Lingotto the trains turned back in one platform. With a similar reversing arrangement already available at Fermi, this is expected to enable operation at headways as short as 69 sec at peak times. The reversing section also provides stabling space for four trainsets, allowing services to be started from both ends of the route or increased at short notice to meet variations in demand.

The terminal section has been designed to facilitate a future extension of the metro to serve the municipalities of Nichelino and Moncalieri. Source and photo Railway Gazzette