Mayor Bakoyannis: “Pocket parks may not be able to change the city but they can change its neighborhoods”


The number of pocket parks in Athens keeps on growing in the Capital. A new one has been created on Dimitris Pavilidis pedestrian street of the Petralona district and covers an area of 160sqm.

Mayor of Athens Kostas Bakoyannis said: “This is one more step closer to our goal which is to create a network of 10 pocket parks in Athens by the end of the year. Pocket parks may not be able to change the city but they can change its neighborhoods and when added together, they create a meaningful result”.

The new pocket park features an autonomous photovoltaic lighting system and it has ioclimatic design features and includes new tall evergreen trees, suitable for the city’s microclimatic conditions. There is a total of six new trees, 276 276 shrubs and 200 plants.

The trees have been planted along the sidewalk offering natural shade for visitors while the park also has hedges formed by plants and shrubs shaped in modern geometric designs, reports GTP.

It also features new waste and recycling bins, as well as the installation of special bins for the recycling of cigarette butts.


Photo credit GTP