Mayor Bakoyannis: “Now is the time to see our city change”

Mayor of Athens Kostas Bakoyannis keeps on working on the improvement of standard of living in Greece capital city and fighting the climate change. He intends to make the city friendlier and more sustainable and is finding ways to address climate change immediately. Many things have already been done regarding urban regeneration and “green” projects: for example, the creation of mini-parks (pocket parks) in inner-city neighborhoods, planting more trees and greenery, the Grand Walk project which created more space for the public, the Syntagma Square overhaul currently underway, the Omonia square revamp, the reoperation of city fountains…

Mayor Bakoyannis stated: “We need public space. Athens currently holds three records: it has the least green space per capita, the largest building volume per capita and the most paved area (with asphalt) per capita. This leads us to the conclusion that we need to redesign the city, not focusing on the 21st century car, but on the people of the 21st century. This also requires brave decisions, which can be difficult, create turmoil, but are decisions that will be for the future and not for the past”.

One of the next steps for mayor Bakoyannis might be the reinstallation of the “daktylios” odd/even traffic regulation system: “Now is the time to see our city change,” he said. “urban centers are the places where immediate action must be taken”.


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