Strasbourg: free public transport for all those under the age of 18

The Eurometropolis and City of Strasbourg is introducing free public transport for its inhabitants under the age of 18. Around 80,000 young people will soon enjoy this opportunity. “It is a measure of territorial equity which is integrated into the preparation of the low emissions zone”, underlines Pia Imbs, president of the community.

This is a social measure which will mean a lot for families, since the cost for a couple with two children is approximately €500 per year. 

By promoting the mobility autonomy of young people from the 33 municipalities, the idea is also for them to get used to public transport.  

The vice-president in charge of mobility, Alain Jund, notes that Strasbourg is the first agglomeration in France to take such a decision. “This is part of the ambitious plans to extend the network: Flex’hop on-demand transport is extended to all municipalities in the outer suburbs from March 1, as well as new high-speed tram and bus lines. The level of service and the increase in the hourly amplitude of Strasbourg trains is expected for 2023. ”

From June, young people of the territory will be able to register to make the request for free, via an online form.


Photo credit David Levêque for Unsplash