France’s oldest Christmas market is back!

France’s oldest winter Christmas market which attracts over 2 million visitors annually, Strasbourg’s Christmas market, officially opened its doors to visitors. 

A big Christmas tree in Place Kléber was lit up along the choir and the entire city dazzled in lights.

For the 2021 edition of Strasbourg, The Capital of Christmas, the residents of this city took part in the lighting up of Christmas lights. The lights marked the beginning of the four weeks of winter wonders and magic.

The highlight of the Christmas inauguration was the illumination of the word “Solidarity” at the bottom of the big Christmas tree with mayor of Strasbourg Jeanne Barseghian  and volunteers from the “Village du Partage” association.

For the first time this year, the facade of the City Hall, a historic building at Place Broglie, will light up every day to remind you of a wonderful story of Christkindelsmärik (Strasbourg’s Christmas market). 

Due to the pandemic, wearing a mask is compulsory. In order to allow everyone to take part in the inauguration of Strasbourg’s Christmas market while limiting gatherings, the event was streamed live on the event’s Facebook page. 

Mayor of Strasbourg, Jeanne Barseghian, wrote the following on her social media: “Check out the small chalets villages on the squares, the sweet and spicy aromas. Rediscover Strasbourg, the city that shines with a thousand lights (…). Take a look at the Christmas market that has gone through so much and recovered, like us. It has shaped itself over the course of its long history, it is still reinventing itself, so that it once again resembles those who bring it to life; those who live there. Allowing this reunion, allowing this 451st edition was a real challenge. (…) Nevertheless, its success depends on following the instructions and protocols by the visitors since they take part  in this exceptional, unique event. (…) One by one, the monuments and decorations light up. Yes, the magic still happens. Merry Christmas to everyone! Happy Holidays!” 


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