Poland: the great success of the youngest mayor

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Meet Poland’s youngest mayor, Marek Materek, who despite his age managed to earn great respect, many political accomplishments and to establish great trust and support from the local community. 

In 2014, he became the mayor of Starachowice, a town of 50,000 people in southern Poland when he was only 25 years old which has made him the youngest mayor of Poland.

Mayor Materek won the elections again in 2018, after gaining the support of over 84,4% of voters. This amazing result landed him the second best result in Poland, while his election commission also won the elections for City Council and County Council.

After his reelection, mayor of Starachowice Marek Materek stated: “Being the youngest mayor in Poland I haven’t favored anyone. On the contrary, I have always tried to act to the benefit of each and every social group: large families, seniors, handicapped people. I am aware of the fact that during the first four years we were not able to reach all our goals but I am very proud that I am able to continue my work and implement plans and ambitions. The inhabitants of Starachowice have again shown enormous trust and support for my work and have chosen me to be their mayor for another five years”. 

Shortly after, in 2019, mayor Materek got among the fifteen best mayors of the cities in Poland on the Newsweek ranking list. But that is not all: this year he took third place on the ranking list of the most popular mayors of Polish cities on social networks.

“A good mayor, regardless of their age, is a person who takes care of town’s inhabitants, who wants and is able to speak to people and listen to them, who understands their needs, expectations and ambitions. A good mayor has a plan and a vision for their town’s development so it could become the best place to live, work, go to school and relax.”, stated Marek Materek.

Thanks to the ongoing communication with its inhabitants, mayor Materek has created a town where people’s voice is important and needs to be heard. They have a role in decision making and are more than welcome to express their thoughts, opinions, tips&tricks to make the town even better. Furthermore, he decided to open the Town Hall for public and that way make it friendly and transparent for everyone. Not being linked to any political party gives him many privileges to make independent decisions that go with his strategy and are best for the town of Starachowice.

When talking about town’s infrastructure, mayor Materek launched a mobile app called “Let’s fix Starachowice (Naprawmy Starachowice)” where everyone can report some issues, suggest improvements, etc. 

To conclude, mayor Materek plans to make the town an even better place to live and work and is plans to continue doing it together with his community.