Joanne Anderson is Liverpool’s first Black female mayor

In May 2021, the first Black female mayor was elected to run the third most populated city in United Kingdom, Liverpool.

Joanne Anderson became mayor of Liverpool after serving as a councilor for Princes Park ward for two years. She claimed mayor victory after the voting went to second preference when she won over 59% of the votes ahead of independent candidate Stephen Yip, who got the support of 40.8% voters. 

As a passionate and a forward-thinking mayor, Joanne is already doing many great things for the city and also plans to make Liverpool one of the best cities in the world. She plans to encourage city’s creative reinvention, passion, resilience, and its commitment to community and fairness. 

Joanne Anderson has a large variety of interests and has nearly three decades of experience as an equality, diversity, and inclusion practitioner which all together make the incredible potential for her to be a great leader of Liverpool’s community. She is showing great interest and care for the city and its citizens which is why she is a very respected mayor who isn’t scared to make big, important changes for the city.

Furthermore, mayor Anderson spent over twenty-five years tackling inequalities and promoting social inclusion on the local, national and international level and has no plan to stop soon.

“Liverpool has always been a city of firsts — one that does things differently and that charters its path. Today is the beginning of the fresh start we all want and need”,  said Anderson when she got elected as mayor.

Liverpool’s mayor is incredibly passionate about social enterprises and businesses with purpose. She strongly believes that it is possible to make incredible changes in many fields like climate change and environment, education, economy, development, social care, and culture.

Before becoming a mayor, she set up the first Black social enterprise, Innervision community consultancy in Liverpool in 2000 and has also worked as a civil servant as the community engagement policy lead within the Crown Prosecution Service. She is also a business consultant trainer, facilitator, and coach who recently started an MBA in business in which she has always been interested.

Anderson is also a founder of “Innervision” which is a Black-led organization created with a purpose of improving the quality of life for people experiencing inequality by providing consultancy services that improve access to employment and other services. She believes that equality is necessary for everyone. That is why Innervision wants to create a sustainable community that is driven by development.

She is also a 52-year-old single mom of a teenage boy. By becoming the first Black female mayor of Liverpool, Joanne started to strongly encourage many Black females across the country to follow their dreams and she strongly supports their ambition of becoming successful in politics. (photo credit: Wikimedia)