Why do digital nomads choose Prague so often?

One of the world’s rising trends is digital nomadism and every year, more and more people are turning to this kind of remote work. There are now around 35 million digital nomads around the world. The expectations are that the total amount of digital nomads in the world could double within just a few years.

Traveling and working at the same time sound like a perfect opportunity for many young people who want to engage with people from different cultures, make money, and get to know different countries and different parts of the world. 

Digital nomads are a population of independent workers who choose to embrace a location-independent, technology-enabled lifestyle that allows them to travel and work remotely, anywhere in the world. 

As the trend rises, many countries and cities are adapting to this trend. One of the best European countries for digital nomads is the Czech Republic, especially the capital city of Prague.

Prague is a city that is marked by many beautiful and well-known medieval architectural landmarks. The Dancing House, Powder Tower, St. Nicholas Church, and many other special monuments like the Charles Bridge and Astronomical Clock are all the city’s must-visit places that make Prague one of the most beautiful cities in the World.

Because of its rich history and abundance of beautiful, photo-worthy sites, the city of Prague has become one of the most popular places to visit in central Europe and lately one of the cities that is filled with digital nomads. The city is attracting people from all around the world and is welcoming them at any time or season of the year.

With a population of around 1,162,000 people, the city of Prague welcomes more remote workers every year. 

Prague ranks 18th city on the Nomad list with approximately of total 6000 digital nomads’ visits over 12 months and with an average number of 600 visitors per month.

The growing number of digital nomads has many positive economic effects on the country and it also means that tourism blooms in the areas in which digital nomads are interested.

The city of Prague has been ranked as the best city in Europe for people working remotely and the fourth-best in the world, according to the global index “Cities Best Facilitating Remote Work” which measures the range of different factors and divides them into four different categories such as remote working compliance, cost of living, civic infrastructure and liveability.

Prague has strong scores in categories such as public education, housing accessibility, quality of transport, and gender equality which are all very important factors for digital nomads. 

The city of Prague, led by the mayor Zdeněk Hřib, has one of the best public transport systems in Europe that consists of buses, metro, and trams which cover the majority of the city and outskirts. Great transport options and the country’s location that is in the heart of Europe make the city an excellent choice for many digital nomads.

By being the digital nomad in Prague you have a lot of options for your daytime activities and great access to some of the more rural areas of the country. Wi-fi coverage and internet speed are excellent thought the city, which allows everyone to work anywhere and anytime.

Prague is an affordable city to stay in, which is an important aspect for many digital nomads who usually don’t want to spend a lot of money on accommodation and food. Compared to other European cities, the cost of living in Prague is reasonable and affordable. 

The city offers many great working options and some of the best workspaces to help improve productivity for all digital nomads. Places like Work Lounge, Coffice Prague, Impact Hub, and WeWork are just some of the few places they can go to and easily get job deals and a variety of memberships and packages that suit every digital nomad. There are also many great coffee shops with high-speed wi-fi which means digital nomads can work even when they go out for a daily cup of coffee.

The digital nomad culture has a major positive effect on the city of Prague. The city is making extra effort to open many new hubs and spaces from which digital nomads can work. The city is also making many changes by making living more affordable which makes the city one of the cheapest for its cost of living. 

Prague doesn’t require a visa for European citizens who want to work in the city, which is also a major factor why many digital nomads are attracted to this city. 

Everything about the city of Prague makes it the perfect and captivating destination for all digital nomads. With its incredible offer and amazing work options, the city of Prague is setting a great example of what cities should be doing to attract new tourists and digital nomads. (photo credit: Denis Poltoradnev/Pixabay)