Prague launches project to help residents with disabilities

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Prague has launched a project to support residents with disabilities as part of a broader social programme.

City authorities headed by Mayor of Prague Zdeněk Hřib pointed out that the project is aimed at residents with severe disabilities who need the care or support of another person to avoid institutional care.

The project will help these people to integrate into the society by providing conditions and support for their personal and professional development.

City authorities stressed that this support is available to applicants who already receive other forms of state support if it is insufficient to meet their needs or is not provided in timely manner.

Councillor for social policy and healthcare Milena Johnová reminded that the city established a social fund for “residents in need for whom help from the state is missing or insufficient.”

She noted that the fund helped more than 130 applicants in the first six months of operation and added that Prague is now launching the third of a total of four projects aimed at supporting people with disabilities.

The project will help them to “lead a dignified and more independent life, find better employment and not end up in institutions,” Johnová concluded.

City authorities pointed out residents can send their applications online, noting that all relevant information and instructions are available on the social fund’s website.

(Photo credit: Unsplash)