Carbon-neutral Helsinki Ski Weeks to take place next year


Helsinki Ski Weeks will be organized in the Finnish capital for the first time in 2022. This unique month-long event will offer locals and visitors a chance to enjoy free skiing and take part in many other exciting events.

Mayor of Helsinki Juhana Vartiainen stated on social media: “Next winter, we will make history at the stadium, as everyone in the city will have the chance to ski in the magnificent, renovated Olympic Stadium! Helsinki Ski Weeks will take place from January 29 – February 27, 2022”. 

Aside from free skiing for all visitors, Helsinki Ski Weeks will also feature the opening concert, Children’s Snow Days, a sprint race for businesses, and a ski disco. The big finale of the event’s inaugural edition will be held on February 24th when some of the world’s biggest skiing superstars will take part in a thrilling high-profile race named Stadium Sprint.

“The events play a significant role in building Helsinki’s comfort, vitality and attractiveness. Helsinki Ski Weeks is responding to this goal by creating a ski arena open to everyone for a month at the renovated Olympic Stadium. I hope that a large number of city residents of all ages will leave to take advantage of this unique opportunity to go skiing in the heart of the city,” said Tarja Loikkanen, Sports Director of the City of Helsinki.

Organizers stressed that the event is being organized in a responsible manner – both socially and environmentally. Visitors of all ages will be able to take part in the event, regardless of their skiing level. Furthermore, the event will also attempt to use natural snow if weather conditions allow it. 

Helsinki Ski Weeks will be held in a carbon-neutral way, according to the Finnish Ski Association. The event achieves carbon neutrality by eliminating the most harmful and needless emissions, lowering residual emissions, and compensating for those that cannot be avoided or reduced.

During the month of skiing in Helsinki, visitors will also have a chance to visit the event market and enjoy tasty food and drinks in a fun après-ski ambiance.

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