Strasbourg: 1 million euros to 21 innovative projects in the fight against Covid-19

The City of Strasbourg is dedicating more than 1 million euros for 21 innovative projects in the fight against Covid-19. Strasbourg was the winner of the French government’s Territories of Innovation call for projects in 2019 – Healthcare territories of tomorrow program. The result is a real project for population health that will extend over the next 10 years, 34 structuring actions and funding to the tune of more than 115 million euros. With the health crisis caused by Covid-19, the City of Strasbourg wanted to get involved in the fight against the coronavirus. By supporting 21 new, innovative and relevant projects, Strasbourg continues to build its health of tomorrow.

The health emergency made it possible to accelerate awareness and initiate a sustainable transformation of the modes of organization, operation and use. As of this summer, as part of a call for expressions of interest acclaimed by more than 40 dossiers, Strasbourg has selected the main innovative actions in health, providing efficient structural, technical and social solutions, revealed during the health crisis. .

Thus, whether they belong to the Social and Solidarity Economy, to companies, SMEs, associations, institutions or start-ups, all have been able to compete with ingenuity and generosity to put their know-how at the service of the common goal: population health, the prevention if possible and follow-up of care if necessary.

Technological, social and organizational innovations, tools for nursing staff and patients… There are so many digital and human solutions for the management of this unprecedented crisis. In addition, several winning projects provide an efficient response to the issues of well-being and protection of most vulnerable people, independently of digital technology and e-Health.

In total, more than 50 laureates are integrated into the dynamic Healthcare territories of tomorrow. Associations, startups, academics and even large groups made up this initiative with actions aimed at healthcare professionals, patients, citizens and even businesses. Here are some solutions for businesses:

Co-okĀ® is the 1st workspace for companies dedicated to health prevention around 3 areas of nutrition, physical activity and training. It brings together all the infrastructures (kitchen, rooms, conference, etc.) and the human resources trained, graduates (dieticians, expert coach, senior advice, strategy influencers, etc.) in order to welcome companies to offer them a preventive offer, ranging from audit information, the creation of products to specific paths, from the direct management of pathologies such as diabetes, hypertension, etc. or even obesity.

ETIREO offers companies a prevention service with the objective of reducing absenteeism linked to musculoskeletal disorders. ETIREO, thanks to Siel Bleu, borrows specially studied gestures from sport corresponding to the specific risks of each profession. After a diagnosis, the process offers employees start-up sequences and then internal actors take over. They are therefore trained and then supervised. To make sustainable ETIREO advises and supports the company so that the practice is integrated into the managerial line.

Based in the heart of the Strasbourg civilian hospital, Nextmed’s ambition is to bring together all medical, technological and human skills in order to accelerate innovations in the health sector. By bringing together researchers, caregivers, patients and companies, Nextmed aims to bring out new ideas to prevent, cure and support the entire population.

Hacking Health Camp
Hacking Health Camp is a 4-day international event that brings together all the players in healthcare innovation and offers them a unique approach to go from idea to prototype in 50 hours. The objective is to accelerate innovation in health by creating the opportunity to validate the relevance of innovations at different stages of implementation, in an environment as close as possible to the reality on the ground. In order to be effective and efficient, all skills can be combined: marketing, legal, medical and para-medical, engineering, IT, etc.

Le Carillon
Le Carillon is a network of solidarity traders who offer free services or products to vulnerable people for access to hygiene and health. A label, placed on the shop window, signals their membership in the network and ensures a benevolent welcome towards vulnerable people. Under this label, pictograms indicate the services and products offered. In eight regional capitals in France, the 1,200 Carillon traders, including pharmacies, opticians, laundries, are supporting access to health and hygiene for homeless people. In Strasbourg, nearly 35 shops offer 109 services to improve the health, nutrition and hydration for the most vulnerable people.