Mayor Barseghian: “Strasbourg is ready to welcome Afghans who seek refuge in France”

France has evacuated almost 200 Afghan nationals from Kabul overnight following the Taliban takeover. Their military is taking people on military planes to Abu Dhabi, from where they are transported to Paris on passenger aircrafts.

President of France Emmanuel Macron said: “Nearly 200 Afghans who worked for France or who are under threat have just been evacuated from Kabul, as well as French and foreign nationals. The operations will continue”.

Many French mayors already offered to welcome refugees.

Mayor of Strasbourg Jeanne Barseghian said: “Strasbourg in its long tradition as a hospitable city, is ready to welcome Afghans who seek refuge in France”.

Mayor of Besançon Anne Vignot stated: “I respond to France’s duty of humanity and announce that my city of Besançon is ready to welcome Afghans who seek refuge in France. We have the capacity to welcome with dignity.”

President Macron also said that France is ready to help activists, artists and journalists who risk being targeted because of their work: “We will help them as it is the honour of France to be side-by-side with those who share our values. We will say very clearly to those who opt for war, obscurantism and blind violence that they have chosen isolation”.


Photo credit:Hugues de Buyer-Mimeure/Unsplash