Alicante: waste containers adapted for people with reduced mobility, visually impaired and elderly ones

City of Alicante has installed the first plastic and packaging recycling bin adapted for use by the elderly people, those with reduced mobility and the visually impaired.

These containers have a waist level opening and easy-to-open lids, and will be placed in residential areas across the city, with a view to introducing similar bins for the disposal of other waste in the future, reports Murcia Today.

Mayor of Alicante Luis Barcala said: “We are testing and experimenting with new container models, in this case for older people, wheelchair users and those with visual limitations. As well as having a window at a lower level and accessible lids with easy opening on the deck, Braille is also incorporated for people with reduced vision on each device,”.

Representatives of the Spanish Confederation of People with Physical and Organic Disabilities (COCEMFE) and the National Organisation of the Blind of Spain (ONCE) were invited to the installation of the first container.

President of COCEMFE Antonio Ruescas stated: “This means that people with reduced mobility and other disabilities, along with the elderly, will be less reliant on other people to carry out an activity as basic as throwing out the rubbish and recycling.”

A total of 3,689 new recycling and selective waste containers got approved. Yellow, blue, green and brown ones will be installed across the city over the next few months and the total investment is €2.1 million. Bins for the disposal of other waste like used clothing and household oil, will also be placed.


Photo credit: Ayuntamiento de Alicante