LED lighting and green projects light up Alicante


Alicante has reported on implementation of its Sustainable Energy Plan, noting that it has replaced approximately 85% of lighting with LEDs.

Headed by Mayor of Alicante Luis Barcala, city authorities stressed that implementation of the plan continues and pointed out that LEDs are significantly more efficient than old lighting.

The plan is worth approximately EUR 15 million and is implemented in stages, with city authorities noting that public lighting in the city centre has been replaced.

Alicante pointed out that new lighting will help the city to lower consumption of electricity, improve energy efficiency and achieve environmental targets.045

City authorities stressed that the intervention in street lighting will lower CO2 emissions and light pollution, as will interventions in sports centres, commercial areas and public buildings.

New lighting has been installed in the area that will be developed into the Central Park of Alicante with the aim of improving pedestrian mobility and safety.

City authorities pointed out that measures implemented thus far and projects in preparation and underway are in line with the green push and will strengthen Alicante’s environmental efforts.

As part of broader climate action, Alicante will continue to promote the transition towards renewables and projects aimed at increasing energy efficiency.

(Photo credit: Eugene Chystiakov / Unsplash)