Alicante building waste management plant to turn organic waste into compost and energy


Alicante has started work on a modern waste management plant worth roughly EUR 15 million.

Under Mayor of Alicante Luis Barcala, the city pointed out that the new plant will allow authorities to collect organic waste from all parts of Alicante and transform it into compost and energy.

The waste management project is co-financed by the EU and builds on earlier efforts to modernise Alicante’s waste management system.

City authorities stressed that implemented and planned investments will make the Alicante Waste Treatment Centre (CETRA) one of the most modern plants in Spain.

Manuel Villar, Alicante city councillor for waste management, pointed out “the treatment of all the organic waste that reaches CETRA will require adapting the current treatment line and implementing a new one.”

The first part of the project includes construction of a new organic waste management plant worth more than EUR 12.6 million and the second part includes investments aimed at improving recovery of recyclable materials worth more than 1.7 million.

Alicante authorities reminded that the city recently approved the purchase of new equipment worth some EUR 900,000 to modernise waste treatment processes in the city. Alicante concluded that the waste management projects are co-financed through the recovery and resilience plan of the EU.

(Photo credit: Alicante)