City of Strasbourg and Council of Europe signed a new partnership agreement

Mayor of Strasbourg Jeanne Barseghian and the Secretary General of the Council of Europe Marija Pejčinović Burić signed a new partnership agreement to reinforce the longstanding co-operation between the two sides, updating the 2010 agreement.

“Ever since 1949, the City of Strasbourg and the Council of Europe have maintained close ties. The presence of the 47-member Organisation in Strasbourg contributes directly to the city’s European identity and its status as European capital. We are giving fresh impetus today to our co-operation to join together in tackling the current democratic, social and environmental challenges,” said the Secretary General.

Under the agreement, the Council of Europe and the City of Strasbourg pledge to carry forward their joint thinking and to make Strasbourg a testing ground for innovative local policy.

Co-operation, exchange of experience and measures to raise the profile of their joint work will cover the following issues, amongst others:

– democracy, governance and citizen participation at the local level;

– human rights

– promotion of equality, including gender equality, and prevention of discrimination;

– green transition and environmental issues;

– culture, cultural diversity and sport;

– young people and education for citizenship;

– codes of conduct, ethics and transparency in public life.

Practical action will include enhancing the heritage, history and work of the Council of Europe, in particular through staging of exhibitions and events, work on common signage also drawing attention to the European Heritage Label awarded to the City of Strasbourg in 2015 for its European district, and input from the Council of Europe to deliberations by the city on how to strengthen its European and international position.