The Municipality of Bari signs an agreement to enhance the suburbs and the coast

The Mayor of Bari Antonio Decaro, the rector of the Polytechnic of Bari Francesco Cupertino, and the regional councilor for urban planning Alfonso Pisicchio signed the memorandum of understanding which provides for the launch of a series of study activities aimed at knowledge, and to the enhancement of the outskirts of the city of Bari (with particular reference to the public housing districts) and the coastal territory of the metropolitan city (with particular reference to “informal” construction).

The common interest and objective of the protocol is to maintain and develop forms of partnership collaboration for carrying out research, technological development, and innovation activities, also in the context of teaching and training activities, as well as for the provision of services to support the city and local government activities.

In particular, the parties intend to collaborate to launch study activities aimed at:

  • Identifying strategies for the renovation and enhancement of the suburbs of the city of Bari, with particular reference to public housing districts (for its spaces and its housing stock) and fragments of natural/agricultural landscape;
  • The identification of strategies for the renewal and enhancement of the coastal territories of the metropolitan city, concerning informal and widespread settlements and residual free spaces in a state of abandonment;
  • The removal of the “beauty detractors” of the city and its coastal territories characterized by residential settlements and degraded spaces.

As part of the agreement, the implementing bodies will also develop the innovation and research effort of their technical and scientific staff, making use of the integration of the specific skills of the three structures, to activate collaboration processes with the professors of the Politecnico on specific case studies, proposed by the Region or the Municipality, to contribute to maintaining a high cultural level of the operators of the Region and the Municipality, backing contacts and collaborations with the university structure and, finally, supporting the exchange of knowledge with a view to constant updating and improvement of their respective skills.

“This protocol gives substance to that expression that we hear so much about today: the so-called Third University Mission”, commented Mayor Antonio Decaro, “that is, the set of activities through which universities interact directly with society and their territory of reference, both through actions of economic enhancement of knowledge and more generally through cultural and social activities and events and didactic dissemination.”