Rome braces to host its annual Art Week with more than 480 artists


Art events in cities often serve as occasions for the residents to break away from their stale routines, to come out and meet other citizens and engage in lively discussions, or simply to appreciate interesting creations together. Starting next week, between 24 and 29 October, Rome will be hosting seventh Rome Art Week, which will host more than 480 artists.

The event, co-organized by KOU cultural association and the city headed by Mayor of Rome Roberto Gualtieri, will be open to the public and artists alike. The annual event will present a comprehensive overview of contemporary art and promote art studios, exhibition spaces, cultural projects and collectives as well as a different type of tourism.

It is aiming to secure Rome’s place on the international art scene and familiarize the general public with largely unknown Roman artists and widen their audience. Organisers pointed out that 208 galleries and institutions will take part in the Rome Art Week, each organising one or more events to present their respective visions of contemporary art.

“Culture can foster qualified tourism and generate an economic inducement for the city of Rome, which is why we have decided to offer free visibility space to the capital’s accommodation facilities in the certainty that this combination is a harbinger of our city’s growth,” the organisers noted. They stressed that 34 hotels are participating and added that the event will include individual and group exhibitions, performances, talks, open studios, virtual appointments and free guided tours.

The Rome Art Week aims to strengthen connections and build a network between all parts of the sector, including galleries, museums, exhibition spaces, artists, curators, foundations and associations, among other. Organisers also stressed that is a portal active around the year and dedicated to networking, providing a space for promotion to artists, curators and institutions.

(Photo credit: Federica Piras – Alberto Della Porta / Rome Art Week)