Rome pledges to make all schools green by 2030


Rome has announced plans to make all schools green by 2030 in cooperation with Economy Ministry’s sustainable development company GSE.

Headed by Mayor of Rome Roberto Gualtieri, city authorities signed a memorandum of understanding with GSE on interventions on public buildings.

Rome pointed out that the plan focuses on improving energy efficiency of school buildings and subsequently all public buildings to strengthen the green push.

In addition, city authorities plan to encourage production of energy from renewable sources, installation of solar panels and electrification of Rome.

The plan also includes introduction of innovative waste management solutions, such as production of methane from waste and production of heat and electricity in incineration plants, among other.

City authorities stressed that the memorandum of understanding is an important step in decarbonisation of Rome and will help the city to implement ambitious environmental projects.

It will help Rome to access the funds allocated for improving energy efficiency of municipal buildings and support for energy transition projects.

City authorities pointed out that 212 schools will be renovated and stressed that construction will focus on green technologies to minimise pollution.

As part of cooperation, GSE will provide Rome with training programmes and technical assistance, among other.

(Photo credit: pressfoto / Freepik)