Prague to transform its formerly neglected train station park


Mayor of Prague Zdeněk Hřib announced that the Czech capital will be launching a design competition with the goal of transforming Vrchlického sady, a park located near Prague’s Main Station.

According to, three major overhauls are planned and are meant to give this previously neglected area a new face. They include a redesign of the train station’s check-in hall, the creation of a new tram route across the park with a stop outside the train station’s main gate, and a complete transformation of the park itself.

Mayor Hřib stated on social media: ‘’The whole project of transforming the station and its surroundings is unique in that it will be a collaboration between the City of Prague and the state.’’

‘’I can’t wait to see the winning architectural design of the whole transformation. It will be announced in the summer of 2023,’’ the mayor of the Czech capital further stated.

The new competition includes participation from Prague City Hall, the city’s public transportation body DPP, and the Czech Railway Administration due to the scope of the modifications that will be made to the area that currently bears the nickname ‘’Sherwood”.

‘’I am very pleased that everywhere you look in Prague, the city is changing for the better: Wenceslas Square is being redesigned, the Industrial Palace is being completed, we know the shape of the new Vltava Philharmonic Hall and we are preparing the revival of the New Palmovka,’’ Mayor of Prague Zdeněk Hřib stated.

”All thanks to the fact that we have the courage to manage Prague in the right way,’’ he concluded. (photo credit: IPR Praha)