Palermo offers a single ticket for the Salinas Archaeological Museum and the Botanical Garden

The first tangible step towards a single integrated ticket for the cultural sites of the city was done by the University and the Region, through the Salinas Regional Archaeological Museum and the Botanical Garden. The first single ticket has been detached as the result of an agreement signed just a month earlier between the director of the Salinas Museum, Caterina Greco, and the director of the University Museum System (SiMuA), Paolo Inglese.

The agreement for the first time establishes a permanent collaboration between the Department and the University in the field of use of cultural heritage. It is time to activate all possible initiatives and measures to concretely restart culture, especially in a city, like Palermo, which at this moment seems to be experiencing a situation of anxiety and stagnation in terms of cultural proposals. Being able to network the places of culture and offer the visitor more and more choices are among the priorities of our agenda.

A promotion and widespread cultural expansion in the area is achieved thanks to the collaboration with CoopCulture which manages the integrated services of both sites and which generates a direct offer not only to tourists. An important blend is the one between Salinas and the Botanical Garden that will allow to rediscover the sites, certainly saving money, but deepening the visit with new technological supports since an App will be available at the Botanical Garden that tells about space, the great green lung of the city.

The single ticket, which costs € 10.00 instead of € 12.00, including the App for visiting the Botanical Garden (which alone would cost € 2.90) and will last two days from the issuance, it also allows you to get a discount on purchases in the two, most advanced bookshops: at the Salinas Museum, a livable, multifunctional space where one can be inspired by the Sicilian artisans; or at the Garden which is the only artistic and immersive front office and bookshop born from the extraordinary creativity of the Californian Fallen Fruit. In short, this and more with the city’s first “interinstitutional” card.

The Orto-Salinas ticket opens the way to a form of tangible and coordinated collaboration in the enhancement of the cultural heritage of Sicily”.

Salinas Archaeological Museum was born as a museum of the Royal University of which Salinas was rector in 1903-1904. This is for SiMuA, an essential element of a strategic path that aims to create a wider museum network, which sees the collaboration of the University, the Region, the Municipality and private museums”.

The best response to the crisis in the tourism market caused by the pandemic is to offer more services, more innovation, and territorial network.