Palermo bike paths awarded by the Ministry of the Environment

Best mobility project in Italy – that is how the Ministry of the Environment has evaluated the Palermo project which was presented in June 2019 by the Municipality. It was awarded with the maximum score and a contribution of 600 thousand euros, in addition to the approximately 400 thousand invested by Amat and the Municipality.

Specifically, this is the cycle path that connects Praga street with Dante street, whose works, while waiting the response from the Ministry, had already started with the funds destined for road signs for AMAT.

Now that the contribution is confirmed, it will be possible to proceed with improvement interventions on the safety front, the construction of new cyclostations and also to make contributions for the purchase of pedal assisted bikes.

Mayor of Palermo, Leoluca Orlando said: “Another prestigious recognition arrives in Palermo, this time for sustainable mobility. This is a recognition that confirms the quality of the work carried out and that will now allow to further improve this important cycling paths of the city”.

The nvestment in sustainable mobility is a sign of a strategy aimed at investing in the protection of air quality and life. The north/city center cycle path is increasingly crossed by citizens of Palermo. This further investment will make it even safer.

The project involves the construction of 4 BiciPA bike-sharing stations, each with 12 seats, for a total of a further 48 city stations, parking stalls for private bicycles with the installation of 23 racks for a total of184 bike spaces, 3 automated bicycle storage points with 10 seats each, a video surveillance system with 11 stations equipped with cameras, 3 of which are mounted on stations equipped with photovoltaic power supply and 8 connected to the network of bike sharing cycling stations and again the placement of a lighting, the placement of about 1300 LED solar street markers (fixed or flashing light) in aluminum,that allow the lighting and delimitation of the cycle path and crossings with road intersections and the installation of 16 bicycle inflation stations distributed along the route.

A contribution is also foreseen for the distribution of mobility vouchers for the purchase of pedal assisted bicycles.