Pact for a Sustainable Local Economy at Strasbourg

 The City of Strasbourg officially launched the development of Pact for a sustainable local economy to combine ecology and economy in a co-construction process with the players in the territory.

This launch took place in the presence of Mayor of Strasbourg Jeanne Barseghian, President of the Strasbourg Eurometropolis Pia Imbs, and Anne-Marie Jean, Vice-President in charge of economic strategy and Pact for a sustainable local economy.

160 regional players (elected officials, companies, consular chambers and professional branches, players in the social and solidarity economy, universities, competitiveness clusters, etc.) connected to participate in this launch.

After the speeches recalling the ambitions and objectives of the Pact, the participants were divided into online sub-groups and made their first contributions to the process by answering the following questions: 

  • What are the 3 issues on which the Pact should focus?
  • How will you see that the co-construction process of the Pact?
  • What indicators will you want to monitor?
  • What are your expectations and what do you hope the Pact will bring you?
  • What are the likely reactions that the project should anticipate?
  • What do you want to do for the co-construction process and for the Pact itself? 

Working groups will be set up in the coming days in order to co-construct the content of the Pact and to allow all the stakeholders to define reciprocal commitments. This work will last two months and will be presented during the Economic Meetings of the Eurometropolis, at the end of January 2021.