Nobel Peace Prize winner Yunus supported Rome’s Expo 2030 bid


Mayor of Rome Roberto Gualtieri met Muhammad Yunus, a Nobel Peace Prize-winning Bangladeshi social entrepreneur and civil society leader who founded the Grameen Bank and introduced the concepts of microcredit and microfinance.

Mayor Gualtieri stated on social media: ‘’It was a great pleasure to meet Professor Muhammad Yunus, the internationally renowned economist and Nobel Peace Prize winner, known worldwide as ‘the banker of the poor’, at the Campidoglio. Indeed, he is responsible for the revolutionary #microcredit system, which has enabled millions of people to break free from poverty.’’

The mayor of the Italian capital stated that he wanted to thank Yunus for his willingness to support Rome’s candidacy for Expo 2030 on the central theme ‘People and Territories’.

‘’Indeed, we share with him the importance of values such as inclusiveness, sustainability, regeneration and a new paradigm of urban model: diffused, interconnected and sustainable,’’ Mayor Gualtieri stated.

World Expos are one of the world’s oldest and largest international events, held every five years and committed to discovering solutions to humanity’s most urgent issues. For the 2030 event, the city of Rome was proposed as the host city by Italy, which was the third country to submit a bid.

‘’Rome wants to be a protagonist in this challenge of innovation and transformation that puts the relationship between territory and people at the centre. The support of such an important figure as Muhammad Yunus makes our candidacy even more credible and solid,’’ Mayor Gualtieri concluded.

BIE (Bureau International des Expositions) member states will elect the host country of World Expo 2030 in a General Assembly scheduled for late 2023. Rome will be competing with Odessa (Ukraine), Busan (South Korea) and Riyadh (Saudi Arabia). (photo credit: wikimedia)