Milan completes new city park spanning some 73,000 square metres


Under Mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala, the city has completed a new city park – the Portello Park.

The park spans roughly 73,000 square metres and boasts approximately 10,000 square metres of new greenery.

Councillor for urban regeneration Giancarlo Tancredi pointed out at the park opening ceremony in November that expansion and creation of new green areas is one of the main drivers of urban development in the city.

He stressed that the previously unused area has been transformed into a new public park, which will benefit residents and visitors.

Councillor for environment Elena Grandi added that the new park will improve quality of life in the city and pointed out that more similar projects are underway and in development.

The park design is inspired by interactions between the Sun, the Earth and the Moon, with the park’s spiral hill modelled after the lunar cycle.

City authorities pointed out that park has shaded rest areas with benches surrounded by flowerbeds and different species of trees, including maples, lindens, mulberries and more.

The park connects to other green areas in Milan, with authorities noting that new paths have been built as extensions of existing ones.

The Portello Park was designed by landscape architects Charles Jencks and Andreas Kipar, and built by LAND international landscaping company that operates in Germany, Italy and Switzerland.