Milan invites residents to join environmental campaign


Milan has invited residents to take part in the environmental campaign that focuses on monitoring air quality in the city.

Under Mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala, the city is inviting residents to participate in the monitoring of pollutants in the air as part of the “NO2 no thanks” campaign.

The campaign focuses on monitoring nitrogen dioxide levels in Milan and Rome, with city authorities pointing out that the gas is a pollutant and has a serious impact on human health.

Residents who want to join the campaign can register online to receive a sampler and install it near their home, school or workplace. At the end of the monitoring period, samplers are to be returned for analysis.

Milan pointed out that the air quality monitoring initiative is part of broader efforts to improve air quality under the Air and Climate Plan.

City authorities pointed out that Milan is installing measurement systems to track air quality and quantify the effects of environmental policies.

Data from air quality monitoring stations will make it easier to test experimental policies and identify areas that require more urgent intervention, which will improve quality and effectiveness of environmental measures.

City authorities concluded that keeping an eye on air quality will help Milan to reduce health risks and focus its attention where it is needed most.

(Photo credit: Comune di Milano)