Mayor of Rome met with EU Commission president Ursula von der Leyen


Mayor of Rome Roberto Gualtieri met with the president of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen at the Rome’s city hall, Campidoglio.

Mayor Gualtieri stated on social media: ‘’It was a very warm and positive meeting and, above all, an extraordinary opportunity to illustrate our ‘Next Generation Rome’: an organic plan to relaunch the city using PNRR funds and more.’’

‘’An 8 billion project that combines European and national resources to transform the city along the lines of the Next Generation EU: innovation, digitalisation, development, environmental sustainability, energy transition, inclusion, and reduction of distances with the ‘city of 15 minutes’. I was proud that it was highly appreciated by the President, as was the Italian PNRR,’’ Mayor Gualtieri continued.

The Next Generation EU (NGEU) fund is an European effort that will provide financial assistance to all member states in order to help them recover from the negative impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.

‘’It is good to know that we have Europe on our side in this ambitious challenge of revitalising our city. Now it is up to us to prove that we are capable of realising these projects, turning them into reality, within the set timeframe,’’ Mayor of Rome further stated.

On March 25, 1957, the Treaty of Rome was signed in Rome’s Campidoglio, establishing the European Economic Community, which was a predecessor to the European Union.

‘’Today as yesterday, Rome and Europe look to the future, together,’’ mayor of Rome Roberto Gualtieri stated. (photo credit: