Mayor of Malmö highlights the importance of preschools

Mayor of Malmö  Katrin Stjernfeldt Jammeh is completely in favour for more children in preschools and that is why the city of Malmö is now investing in new family centers with open preschools.

These centers are an addition to regular preschools, which make them very popular especially among families who want to keep their younger children at home. The advantage of this idea is that families and parents can even meet during pregnancies and help each other, which is a great way of promoting solidarity and care amongst people. One of the employees has described it as giving the children the best possible start in life.

Mayor Stjernfeldt Jammeh explained that they have only seen positive results from society gathering of the children and parents so far.

The family centers gather different professionals, so people can ask for medical, educational, or social advice. The staff is there to help new parents break their isolation and inform them of many possibilities for them and their children. 

One of the nurses working in the centers said that many parents and young children are feeling very lonely, so she added that they are also helping them by providing information on what is available to stop them from being isolated.

Parent advisor Fatima Badri said that “all parents need some form of support and the support must be easily accessible”.

Family centers with open preschools are also an easy way for introducing the importance of regular preschools to families. According to a proposal from the S-congress, all children from the age of two should be automatically enrolled in the preschools. Afterwards, the parents will have the opportunity to postpone it or to say no.

The mayor explained that the focus  of preschools should be on increasing “the number of children in the areas where there are slightly fewer children enrolled”.

Today there are seven family centers in Malmo – Sesam and Solstralen, Familjehuset Nydala, Varnhem, Lindangen, Radmansvangen and Familjens hus in Folkets park.


Photo credit: Pixabay