Mayor Kufen: Essen has a new green oasis


The Elisenplatz green area in the Ostviertel district in Essen has recently been reopened and will serve as a new green oasis in the city, said mayor of Essen Thomas Kufen.

Mayor Kufen stated on social media: ‘’Meeting and talking, reading something in peace on the benches and letting the children play together – all this has now become even nicer in the small green center in Ostviertel.’’

As part of the redesign, the pathways were reorganized, the seating areas were renewed and additional stair seating was created. Children and young people are now able to play table tennis as well as use the new multi-purpose sports area, which includes small field goals and a basketball hoop.

After one year, the makeover of the Elisenplatz green area has now been completed, thanks to a cooperative endeavor between the local community and the authorities. In this project, residents of Essen were given an opportunity to share their suggestions and ideas for the redesign.

The Elisenplatz green area was redesigned as part of the “Strong Neighborhoods – Strong People (SQsM)” funding program, which is a joint municipal project between Grün und Gruga and the Essen Office for Urban Renewal and Land Management. In September 2018, the Essen City Council approved the redesign as part of the SQsM district redevelopment Mitte/-Ost.

The total cost of the redevelopment project was EUR 550,000. The project was carried out using funds from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and from state and federal funds from the “Social Cohesion” funding program.

Green spaces in cities can bring numerous benefits to residents. They can be used by local communities for physical activity, social connection, relaxation, or leisure activities, which can significantly boost the quality of life in urban areas. (photo credit: Essen official website)