Mayor Gunars Ansins is fulfilling Liepāja’s enoermous potential


Gunars Ansins is the current mayor of Liepāja, a port city on Latvia’s west coast. The environmental issues and making the city greener and more sustainable has long been the priority of mayor Ansins. Improving the heat supply system, promoting more sustainable means of transportation and raising the general awareness about the importance of joint action against climate change are just some of the topics he has been actively working on over the years.

Mayor Ansins has always had this urgent issue of climate change as one of his main priorities and he continues to actively contributing to it. Thanks to primarily the efforts of mayor Ansins, this Latvian city has managed to position itself as one of the leaders in the battle against climate change. His scope of work, however, also extends to other areas and benefits all Liepāja residents. One of the latest development programs that was approved by the City Council is expected to significantly improve the living conditions for families with children in Liepāja.

Liepāja will soon see the development of infrastructure in 19 of its pre-school educational institutions, as well as the introduction of quality educational resources that match the standards of modern education in all kindergartens in the city. Furthermore, the project will also see the renewal of electrical installations and electrical supply systems. According to mayor Ansins, this initiative will not only boost the quality of education and learning in Liepāja, but also minimize the cost of long-term kindergarten infrastructure maintenance. Furthermore, it will ensure that all Liepāja’s youngest residents are given equal opportunities when it comes to education.

At the same time, thanks to amazing efforts of mayor Ansins, Liepāja has grown to be one of the leading cities in Latvia when it comes to industrial development. Through numerous projects and investments, Liepāja’s strong industry keeps reinventing itself and reaching new heights. 

Mayor of Liepāja also actively supports youth leadership and always makes sure that the voices of younger generations are heard and respected in the city. He believes that there is a big ‘’power and energy’’ in youth, which is why he recently also met three young students and provided them with insight into the important work he does as a mayor. (photo credit: Liepaja official website)