Mayor Gualtieri presented Rome’s bid to host Expo 2030


Expo, world’s large international exhibition designed to showcase achievements of nations, started in Dubai in October 2021.┬áIn the Italian pavilion, besides various government projects, were presented local, municipal strategies for the future. Rome, as one of the candidates for Expo 2030, had special attention.

Mayor Roberto Gualtieri presented Rome’s strategy in the years leading to Expo 2030. The site of Expo is already proposed, being located near Tor Vergata University.

Mayor of Rome Roberto Gualtieri stated: “We envision Expo not only as a temporary exhibition but as an opportunity for intelligent and sustainable urban regeneration”. This statement can also be seen in the proposed slogan for Rome’S Expo: “Future is our History”.

The primary idea of this strategy is to ensure and promote urban transformation. This is especially important for the city of Rome, because it will find new ways of urban co-existence. The city center, rich with historical heritage and attractions, has traditionally been separated from suburbs. Through this plan and actions, Mayor Gualtieri hopes to bypass these differences. This will be done with projects in the spheres of history, nature, innovation and inclusion.

Mayor Gualtieri added: “Urban transformation is increasingly viewed as a game changer and Rome is ready to play its part”.

Furthermore, mayor of Rome also announced his support and plans for completely pedestrianizing the Forum area. This will enable tourists to enjoy the marvels of the past, without any annoyance from the vehicles.

Mayor of Rome said: “We are working on improving the layout for the Forum and the central archaeological area, transforming Via dei Fori Imperiali into an exclusively pedestrian area”.

With these new details and plans revealed, Rome is one step closer to achieving its goal of becoming host for the Expo 2030. With support coming from both the City Council and Italian government, Mayor Roberto Gualtieri will hopefully achieve all planned goals for the city, which will, regardless of Expo 2030, provide local residents with beneficial changes to their quality of life. (photo credit: Wanted in Rome)