Helsinki is considering free public transportation for city’s employees


Public transportation has a significant role to play in reducing congestion and enhancing traffic flows by more effectively moving huge numbers of passengers. Moreover, it also has a big positive impact on the environment in the age of climate change.

Promoting public transportation is an excellent strategy for reducing traffic congestion, pollution, and other associated issues, which more cities all around the world are starting to apply.

In the near future, the city of Helsinki employees may be allowed to take public transportation for free to get to work, reports Finland’s national public broadcasting company YLE.

The city’s Urban Environment Division suggested to the city government that it start looking into this idea along with Helsinki’s transit authority HSL.

The Finnish city would attempt to increase ridership to pre-pandemic levels by offering free public transportation tickets to the city’s employees.

Deputy Mayor Anni Sinnemäki, chair of the Urban Environment Division, told YLE: “When petrol and diesel are expensive and the price of food rises, it would make people’s lives easier if the employer could offer such a ticket”.

It is crucial, in Sinnemäki’s opinion, to entice people to use public transportation, and given that Helsinki has almost 40,000 employees and is the country’s largest employer, this might be extremely advantageous. She also suggested that all Helsinki city employees who requested it would be eligible for it.

Additionally, Sinnemäki suggested that the benefit of a free ticket could be viewed as the company lending a helping hand to its staff during the city’s payroll problems. (photo credit:  Alex Chernenko/Unsplash)