Helsinki actively supports innovation-oriented entrepreneurship


Finland’s capital Helsinki, led by mayor Juhana Vartiainen, has recently launched the Campus Incubators program with the aim of supporting student- and research-driven entrepreneurship. The city of Helsinki announced this week it would expand and diversify the programme by teaming up with even more educational institutions.

In collaboration with higher education institutions, Helsinki hopes to establish a strong network of business incubators in the Finnish capital. The main idea of this groundbreaking initiative is to foster innovations and support the growth of early-stage, RDI-oriented business operations and the ecosystem’s development.

The initiative previously included Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Aalto University, and the University of Helsinki. Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, the University of the Arts Helsinki, and the Hanken School of Economics are now also joining this collaborative project.

Heidi Humala, team manager of the City of Helsinki’s Business Department, stated: “From the city’s perspective, it is great to see how committed the universities are not only to developing their own operations, but also to building inter-campus cooperation and a complementary set of services for students and new businesses interested in entrepreneurship.”

“Once established, the campus network has huge potential to produce high quality companies, the best of which will thrive in the city’s already established and dynamic start-up community,” Humala continued.

Through this project, Hanken School of Economics wants to support its students in the early stages of entrepreneurship from idea to business, thereby creating new business and career opportunities. At the same time, Hanken’s plans also emphasize network expansion and collaboration.

Markus Wartiovaara , Director of Hanken Business Lab, stated: “We hope that the Campus Incubators programme will enable us to develop pre-incubation activities on our campus and contribute to deepening our cooperation with other universities and universities of applied sciences in the metropolitan area.” (photo credit: macrovector_official/Freepik)