Germany’s Essen and Turkey’s Zonguldak are looking to cooperate even closer


The German city of Essen and the Turkish city of Zonguldak, which are linked to each other in many ways, are looking to expand their cooperation in several important areas. According to the mayor of Essen Thomas Kufen, the two cities also want to work together in the sphere of renewable energies.

Mayor Kufen stated on social media: ”Essen and Zonguldak (located in the northwest of Turkey), have many things in common. Many of the Turkish people living in Essen come from the city or the province or still have a connection to their “old” homeland. Both cities have a past in coal mining and have had to or are having to master structural change.”

”Therefore, there is a connection between the cities, which finds expression in regular exchange, but also in economic cooperation. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, we were able to further develop economic cooperation, and this year we also want to catch up on the personal exchange,” mayor Kufen continued.

Mayor of Essen Thomas Kufen and mayor of Zonguldak Dr Ömer Selim Alan originally planned mutual visits last year, but the plans were unfortunately canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Visits that are planned to happen later this year would provide an excellent opportunity for the two cities to bring their relations to an even higher level.

”Among other things, the expansion of renewable energies is a common topic; the challenges of strategies and implementation could make Essen and Zonguldak important pioneers. That is why I am looking forward to the mutual visits this year and to the positive feedback from Zonguldak, which was conveyed to me yesterday by the deputy chairman of our integration council, Muhammet Balaban,” mayor Kufen also stated.

Germany is home to one of the largest Turkish communities outside of Turkey, providing an excellent opportunity for cities in both countries to collaborate on a variety of important challenges. (photo credit: Gerd Altmann/Pixabay)