First full renovation of Prague’s busiest bridge


The city of Prague, led by the mayor Zdenek Hrib, will see a major renovation of the city’s busiest bridge, the Barrandov Bridge which is an essential traffic artery in the city.

Barrandov Bridge is a road bridge over the Vltava river in Prague, the Czech Republic which connects Braník and Hlubočepy districts. It is the most frequented road in the whole country, with over 140 000 cars rides over it every day. 

This busy bridge hasn’t gone under full renovation since it was officially opened in 1988, and that is why the full renovation of the bridge is very much needed after many busy years. 

The reconstruction of Prague’s Barrandov Bridge should begin in the first half of May this year and it is expected that the work on it will last until 2025. It will be carried out in four different phases. 

The reconstruction is spread over several years, with restricted traffic only partially and just for part of the construction season.

While the renovation is undergone, there will be three opened lanes available for drivers in each direction, according to the Technical Roadway Administration.

It is also planned that Work on the bridge will last between 80 and 110 days each year.

The company PORR has been selected to do the work for this big project. The company bid CZK 594.5 million for the contract.

“The busiest bridge in our country … opened in 1988 and nothing since. Our predecessors did not have the courage to [make repairs]. But now we will repair the bridge so that it can continue to serve safely”, mayor of Prague Zdenek Hrib stated via social media. (photo credit: