Hannover to boost digitalization of schools with new funding

Mayor of Hannover Belit Onay received the permission notices from the DigitalPakt Schule programme totaling 11.6 million euros from the Lower Saxony Minister for Education Grant Hendrik Tonne.The goals of the Digitalpakt Schule initiative is to strengthen digital infrastructure in schools.

Mayor Onay stated on social media: By the end of 2022, all city schools will be equipped with WiFi and digital display devices from this funding. Just before Christmas, state capital Hannover submitted around 100 applications for this”.

Digitalpakt Schule aspires to digitize schools by, for instance, installing digital displays and interactive equipment like smart boards. The concept, however, stretches much further, as it aims to promote equal opportunities for schoolchildren. In the province of Lower Saxony, around 522 million euros are made available for the programme.

“The state capital Hanonver is the city with the most schools in the country. I am therefore very pleased that we are taking a big step in expanding digitization with additional support of 11.6 million euros. I would like to thank everyone for the work they have done so far and I wish them continued success in the upcoming projects, minister Tonne said in a press release.

During the meeting in Hannover’s town hall, mayor of Hannover and the minister also met with the city’s head of Department for Education, Youth and Family Rita Maria Rzyski. The three officials had a chance to further discuss the digital progress of schools in Lower Saxony’s capital.

Privately held schools are funded in the same way as public schools, according to the federal-state agreement on the DigitalPakt. Schools in Hannover should ultimately be able to methodically and didactically implement the possibilities of digital learning tools using project’s resources. (photo credit: vecteezy)