Budapest: Another phase of M3 metro line reconstruction completed


M3 metro line, the Budapest Metro’s longest line, has undergone another phase of reconstruction, with three new stops inaugurated.

Mayor of Budapest Gergely Karácsony stated on social media: ‘’From today, the M3 metro will be running again on the Kálvin tér, Corvin-negyed, Klinikák section, as today we opened the renovated three metro stations.’’

‘’There is a long list of people to thank – the previous city administration, the European Union, the government, the designers and the contractors – but most of all I would like to thank the people of Budapest for their patience during the renovation,’’ he continued.

The renovation of the M3 metro line, according to mayor of Budapest, is a crucial national project since it is the country’s most significant transportation link, with over half a million people using it every day.

‘’The three stations inaugurated today have been renovated in the spirit of soaring engineering imagination: accessibility has been achieved by using so-called inclined lifts, and the stations have been given a beautiful, unique design,’’ mayor of Budapest also stated.

Mayor Karácsony, on the other hand, emphasized that Budapest citizens’ patience would be required in the coming months as well, as the exceedingly complex reconstruction work is now set to continue and will take almost another year to finish.

‘’The renovation will soon be finished, but the development of the Budapest metro network cannot end there. In the next seven-year European Union budget cycle, funds must be found to extend the M3 to Káposztásmegyer and to renovate it underground, make it barrier-free and extend it towards Rákosrendező, and plans must be drawn up for the M4 extension,’’ mayor Karácsony concluded. (photo credit: macrovector/freepik)