One of Budapest’s largest parks is getting a green make-over


Népliget, one of Budapest’s largest parks located south-east of the city centre, will be getting a major green make-over.

Mayor of Budapest Gergely Karácsony stated on social media: ‘’After the renovation of the Chain Bridge and Blaha Lujza Square, the Municipality of Budapest is now starting to pay off another very old debt to the people of Budapest.’’

Several public stakeholders, government agencies, and district councils worked together to create a strategic plan for Népliget as a first step in the renovation process.

‘’The goal is clear: to transform the isolated and abandoned park into a diverse, vibrant community space that recalls the heyday of Népliget, while preserving its green space values,’’ Mayor Karácsony emphasized.

In order to decide exactly how Népliget should look in the future, the next step would be to hold a competition for the best landscape architecture proposals, the mayor of the Hungarian city stated.

He also said that in the year in which the climate crisis is felt on a daily basis through droughts, drying up lakes and parks, and heat waves, Népliget can only be renewed by taking these important aspects into account.

‘’Budapest must become more liveable and greener, and that’s why I’ve been working since 2019. So the next big step in this process will be the renovation of Népligeti,’’ Mayor of Budapest Gergely Karácsony concluded.  (photo credit: Gerhard/Pixabay)